Maria Skitzis – Biography

I was on my seventh birthday party when one of my aunts asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up. With no hesitation and lots of enthusiasm I shouted “ a Business Woman”! My mother was fast to correct me: “No, no, no. You’ll grow up and get married and have kids”. Becoming a business woman was since then archived deep in my mind but the virus was always running in my veins.
At the age of nineteen, I relocated to Montreal in order to go to university and study Business Administration. I had the privilege to work alongside and be mentored by one of the best jewellers in Montreal, Mr. B. Serkos. He taught me great lessons in customer service and sales that have resulted in getting the nickname of the Integrity and Quality Queen. With his coaching, I made it to management at the age of twenty-three. Really what happened was that someone needed to fill the position of the store manager for three short months before they closed down. Who else was more fit for this role than a young, enthusiastic and naive expert on jewelry? Well, let me tell you, those three months were enough to change everything. The customer satisfaction was through the roof, sales where up and profits where made to the point that the store was listed as one of the top three stores in Canada.
Not wanting to have my mother’s wish unfulfilled, I did get married, and had kids. For that, a shift in career was made, to accommodate the upbringing of a family. I found myself behind a desk, helping clients with their IT needs. Where so many others came and left, I persevered and learned the industry I had no clue of. In my seven and a half years there, I rose up to be one of the few Corporate Account Executives, won several awards, including the “Entrepreneurial Mind” one.

The most recent decade of my life, I found myself in yet an other industry, that of Direct Marketing. Necessity forced me to start at the bottom, as an entry level rep. My resume meant nothing but good potential. Within months again, I got promoted to team leader, to field manager, to Regional Supervisor. I became the 8th Wonder for the company I was serving, trained and managed over two hundred reps, won territories and business contracts. That too had to shift.
Everywhere I went, I felt like Aesop’s goose that laid the Golden Eggs, for others. This is why, when I heard of the opportunity to build my own Marketing company and be my own boss, I did not hesitate for a moment. The long forgotten desire to become a Business Woman was awaken!
Nine months after hard work, hustle, dedication and perseverance, Groupe Mpower was born! Now, along taking care of my family, I have an other family to raise and nurture. Now, I not only have the opportunity to be my own boss, but I have the privilege to teach others what I have learned in my journey and help them define and accomplish their life’s goals, to become the entrepreneurs they always wanted to be.
If you are one of those ambitious, hard working people that dream of a better life than that of the corporate world has to offer, take action and send me your C.V. There are techniques and teachings that when implemented correctly, will shape you into a strong, successful entrepreneur, no matter your background.
If you are the entrepreneur yourself, seeking the dream team that will market your product while powering up your brand and increasing customer satisfaction, you have found it. Call me so we can strategize on Empowering your product.
As the years have past and I look back, every overtime I put in, every problem I solved, every crisis I faced, was the reason I am here now. Without them, I could not have the ability to coach and Mpower others, to train and develop people into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. With this, I want to close with a quote from my favourite mentor, Anthony Robbins. He says: “Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully. Then act upon it”.