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Customer Service Representative * Rapid Evolution *

The Mpower Group is looking for YOU to join the customer support and satisfaction team as a full-time representative. If you have the will to succeed, head on shoulders and you feel you can handle the main responsibilities below, what are you waiting for?

* Responsibilities of the customer service representative:

  • Provide interesting and exciting sales presentations and describe the main benefits of customer service in order to increase awareness and stimulate sales on behalf of the brands represented.
  • Offer an exceptional face to face experience.
  • Provide customer service support to educate customers.
  • Responsible for product branding, advertising and promotion.
  • Work with the on-site customer service management team to manage media relations, business communications and successes.

* The ideal candidates for the position of customer service representative have the following personal characteristics:

  • Initiative – Be enthusiastic about taking responsibility and taking on challenges
  • Leadership – You have the will to lead, take charge, offer opinions and guidance.
  • Reliability – You must be reliable and responsible.
  • Social orientation – The desire to work with others rather than alone, and to be personally connected with others on the job.
  • Attention to detail is essential
  • Cooperation – Be pleasant with others on the job and display an attitude of good understanding and cooperation.
  • The candidate must have a sense of humor, be accommodating, but very disciplined. We need a fit culture!

Do you think you have what it takes?
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