Groupe Mpower Why You Should See Obstacles as Opportunities

Groupe Mpower - Seeing Obstacles As Opportunities

Groupe Mpower Why You Should See Obstacles as Opportunities

Every entrepreneur experiences obstacles from time to time because that’s just what life is like. Going into business for yourself is an exciting time in your life and one in which you have high hopes for the future. But, as life often does, it will throw obstacles in your path that you need to deal with and this is when despair can quickly set in. Maria Skitzis of Groupe Mpower, New Jersey,  recently saw an article in Entrepreneur magazine that expressed her thoughts on the matter to a T.

In this article one of the main investors on the hit series Shark Tank talks about how she got her start as an entrepreneur and how all her best decisions were made in the moment and most often after what some would call major setbacks. Barbara Corcoran began as an entrepreneur at the ‘ripe old age’ of 22 way back in 1973 on the advice of a friend who said she’d be great in real estate. That day, without further thought, Barbara quit her job waitressing and went out and found a position renting apartments in New York City. She loved it so much she changed her residence from New Jersey to the Big Apple and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I think about all the times in my life when things didn’t go as planned and I had to, on the spot, devise a plan B. It was either that or throw in the towel. In looking back, plan B probably worked better than plan A ever would have, or could have, and I can now be grateful for the opportunities that arose from those obstacles. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I had to make the choice to be held back by a stumbling block or simply step over it and find an alternate path. Those are some of the best moments in my own career and why I can identify with what Barbara said in that interview,” Maria Skitzis muses.

Also, there is another similarity between Barbara’s path and that of Maria Skitzis. Not only did both entrepreneurs need to rise above an obstacle to see an opportunity but both had to act quickly and decisively without giving way to thought. Just as Barbara acted in the moment on the advice of an acquaintance, so too has Maria Skitzis had to quickly change directions without giving further thought to the matter. She says it’s those split second ‘on the fly’ decisions that have brought him some of the biggest successes of his career and looking back, she is thankful to have been presented with what others call obstacles. To him they are opportunities of the best kind.

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