Introduction To Our Superstar CEO of Groupe Mpower!

Groupe Empower - Welcome Superstar CEO

Introduction To Our Superstar CEO of Groupe Mpower!

Introduction To Our Superstar CEO of Groupe Mpower!


Groupe Mpower would like to say a huge warm welcome and open it’s doors to it’s beloved, self made entrepreneur and CEO of Maria Skitzis. Now running and managing a team of direct marketing experts in a fast paced competitive industry, Maria, Before the industry was a Corporate Account Executive selling IT Solutions to over 500 companies and previous to that was in the jewelry industry.


“All my life I had been working tirelessly to produce wealth for others and make their dreams a reality’ until I joined the direct marketing industry last year and was mentored by a fantastic coach. After months of loyalty to the field and intensive training which I enjoyed every single day, I was flabbergasted with the opportunity that was presented to me. I could finally enjoy 100% of the fruits of my efforts and I can help others succeed in life with the same opportunity. I would also be encouraging and contributing on a mass scale to the customer base and market share of a worldwide recognized brand” explained Maria Skitzis.


Maria has shared with us her tips and advice for those aspiring businessmen and women who are hungry for that next promotion and how they can make that happen faster and much smoother, by simply adopting these habits.


Be the first into the office.

“Coming in before the first meeting of the day will give you the chance to see how your CEO prepares for this, and preparing his day before it starts.” Says Maria. The first person into the office is always the CEO, so if you want that promotion you should be making sure to mimic this habit and turn up close second, consistently. By doing this you can get a one on one opportunity to observe the CEO’s morning routine, you can also gain a closer look at their schedule and see what happens during the day of a CEO and how they prioritize tasks such as conference calls, pay rolls, workshops and training etc. “This will not only give you insights of how the business is run, but you will gain the respect of your CEO and others” says Maria.


Be Proactive

“Help prepare what needs to be done before and after morning meetings and training sessions, be your CEO’s second in command’, advises Maria. Share with the team your knowledge and guidance, be looked up to by your colleagues and it will also give you a boost of confidence. ‘Once you are a CEO, you are the captain of your ship and it is up to you to motivate your team to be the hardest working crew. You must give them the energy they need not only to maintain their attitude during the day, but also to hit their targets consistently and aim towards their promotions” says Maria.
“In short, put yourself in your CEO’s shoes and walk the walk they walk and you will be ready when faced with your opportunity and title as CEO of your own business” Great advice from successful CEO Maria Skitzis of Groupe Mpower. We are very excited to welcome you aboard and see what you and the team achieve this year!

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